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Children's Books

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Life in the Sea

A Children's Book 

-Providing information on life in the Sea.

-Encouraging us all to keep our waters clean! 
- A fun, creative, and colorful approach to learning.

My intention for this new “Life” children’s book series is to continue to expand and grow it into many books being created.

 Including books such as

- “Life in the Garden”

-“Life in the Jungle”

-“Life in the City”

-“Life on earth”

-“Life in the mountains”

-“Life of a seed”

To help support this project financially

Purchase our Donation package for $20 

and receive a digital download of the book once it is finished, published and released :)


Sharing word about this project with others is also a great help! 

Thank you all so very much for your support!!!

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