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Chalk Art Boards

Offering interactive themed chalk coloring boards for your home, school, business, events or community spaces.

These boards are primed with chalk board paint, then painted with acrylic permanent outlines creating an imaginative design for people to chalk/color in.

The entire board is then coated with a layer of special chalk board paint , allowing for chalking on any areas of the painting, including the acrylic painted areas.

These boards are then framed with stained wood and secured with installment gear that varies depending on your custom order.

Custom themes, designs and sizes are available.

If you are interested in ordering one of these chalk boards for your event or space, email Jahde at to discuss details and pricing.

Pricing starts at $1800

To donate to this project and the making of more chalk art boards for community events, community parks and outdoor spaces please send Donations to



Venmo: @Jahde-Justad


Thank you so much!!


Chalk Art Boards by Jahde.jpeg

Customizable Sizes and Themes!


Attachable support legs available! 

Color and chalk in the design, rinse and erase and color in again!
Providing hours of interactive fun and creativity!

Order yours today!

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