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Animal Portraits

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Animal Portraits are a sweet and fun way to remember, celebrate and show off your sweetest furry friend! Cats, dogs, hamsters, fish, frogs, horses.. you name it, ill paint it. I love to create these paintings for my customers. I know how much I love my doggy, its a special treat to be able to create a painting picture of someone else's loved animal for them. If you have an animal you want a portrait made of, just place your order through my shop. Here is what to do...

>Go to my shop

>Click Animal Portrait Custom Commissions

>Select the size of canvas you would like to order

>Finish your order with payment

>Follow with emailing me a picture of your animal friend through email to (in header please write : Animal Portrait Commission: *your name*) When attaching your picture please make sure to crop your picture of your animal as you want it painted. for example


Please include any details you would like me to incorprate in the email..

For example:

I would like the background of my pet portrait to have a sunset sky with a yellow, orange and red sky. Please add some mountains in the distance and some grass behind the close up of my dogs face.


I would like a galaxy background.


I would like a solid blue background. Light sky blue preferably


No preference, go wild :) I look forward to your orders :) Check out some of the paintings I have done of pets below. Thanks for reading

<3 Jahde

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